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FEMME by Alonna Elaine

SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes

SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes

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SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes

These lashes are hand-picked and named after my daughter - she is as daring and beautiful as these lashes; a sophisticated touch to a classy look. Achieve effortless glam looks with pre-sectioned lashes.  No more cutting or trimming lashes to mimic your favorite soft-glam looks. SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes are an innovative step towards simple lash application with four pre-sectioned beautiful bold lashes.  Soft glam just became everyday glam with SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes.

  • Total pre-sectioned lashes: 4
  • Length: 15MM
  • Uses: 20-25
  • Appearance: natural, soft-glam
  • Volume: light
  • Lash Band: black cotton; flexible + soft

F.A.E Standard Approved

1. Cruelty-Free
2. Vegan
3. Soft, flexible band
4. Full Multilayered Volume 
5. LUXE fiber technology 


Follow these steps for easy application:

  1. Prep your natural lash - curl wand your natural lashes, apply eyeshadow (optional), and mascara to blend your natural lash with your SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes
  2. Prior to applying glue, choose which pre-sectioned lash band you prefer 
  3. Using our DRAMA-FREE LASH 2-IN-1 LINER, create the dramatic, natural or subtle winged liner of your choice 
  4. Apply your SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes with a tweezer for more control - using a mirror & looking down, apply the lash as close to your lash line and press into place
  5. You're all set! 

Find our detailed instructions on lash removal + care here.

Our Promise

Vegan lashes that rival Mink lash quality and texture without the associated guilt. FEMME by Alonna Elaine SOPHISTICATED ROSE | subtle glam lashes are a uniquely designed vegan alternative that rivals the soft and fluffy texture of Mink lashes - meet your new cult favorite today!

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