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FEMME by Alonna Elaine



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CHOOSE A STYLE, GET THE KIT! Each kit comes with:

  • 3x lashes
  • 1x clear adhesive pen
  • 1x black adhesive eyeliner pen
  • 1x application tweezer

Lash Details

A #FEMMEBABE fave and go-to for a dramatic, full, and high volume look. Soft-glam capable with a side of spice, just how we like our lashes. GODDESS COMPLEX | luxe vegan lashes are giving "classy but nothing to play with" vibes - stop playing nice sis...LET THEM KNOW! A little GODDESS COMPLEX | luxe vegan lashes never hurt anybody. *cries in glitter

    Follow these steps for easy application:

    1. Apply lash glue to the lash or eyelid

    2.Apply your lashes with a tweezer for more control - using a mirror & looking down, apply the lash as close to your lash line and press into place

    3. You're all set!


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    Each Lash Kit Includes

    • 3x lashes
    • 1x clear adhesive pen
    • 1x black adhesive pen
    • 1x application tweezer
    • 1x lash brush

    Each Nail Kit Includes

    • 20 nails
    • 1x gel adhesive, for a secure 4-week hold
    • 1x prep kit
    • 1x FEMME XCLUSIVE storage purse

    Nail Application Steps

    1. Clean your nails using the provided alcohol cleansing pad
    2. Gently push your cuticle back 
    3. Apply a thin even layer of the GLAM GIRL CERTIFIED GEL adhesive to your entire nail, then place the nail in line with your cuticle - hold gently but firmly 
    4. Cure the nail under a UV/LED lamp - 60secs for LED & 2 minutes for UV. 
    5. Repeat on all fingers & you’re done!