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Alonna Elaine 

"The true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul" -Audrey Hepburn 

FEMME by Alonna Elaine was birthed from the idea that I could be more: more than just a mom, more than just a wife - more than just me.  I wanted to share my journey with the world so other women in doubt of their beauty and value could see it was possible.  
Our mission is to redefine the “why of beauty”; developing a community in which we can set our own beauty standards, develop healthy boundaries, hold ourselves accountable, and live in our own unique truths - all while being unapologetic in whatever style we choose.
"Even when they don't want to give you the credit you deserve, they know your worth."
   -Alonna Elaine 

Our Story

FEMME by Alonna Elaine is for anyone who wants to embrace and express their feminine energy unapologetically. Our community is centered around the everyday women who loves spoiling themselves with high-quality items: lashes, nails, beauty products, and accessories - boujie but chill vibes, that classy with a side of extra life, that we drink sparkling flavored water from a champagne glass, if you will.
This is a sisterhood, a community for those who identify with the inherent right of human expression in whatever form you choose. My form of expression, my "FEMME by Alonna Elaine" vibe is girly, pink aesthetic,  faux-fur, with a popping nude lipgloss, and anything bedazzled. We want you to find your chosen form of expression and help you embrace that unapologetically. Whether you choose a FEMME by Alonna Elaine LUXE NAIL, a BETTER THAN MINK luxe lash, or a stylish accessory - we've got you covered. 

Remember, Pink is Always an Option #femmebabes!
With Love,
Alonna Elaine CEO|FOUNDER 

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