SELF-LOVE GURU | FEMME by Alonna Elaine


      I remember when I thought taking care of myself meant going to the nail salon to get my nails painted, shopping for a new outfit for an evening out, and spending money at hair salons.  Self-care means so much more to me now – not because I am older, but because I know myself more than ever.    

     I need to be around people who are not just a mental drain on my aura, I invest in being in-tune with who I am and what I want to be – this is self-care for me.  Mental health is sexier than painted toes and learning to express instead of suppressing your needs is the real foreplay.  I learned to find myself attractive for me, I learned to truly let love in – not because it was a cute caption but because I deserved it.  You do too. 

     Repeat after me – I deserve this happiness, I deserve to be spoiled by myself, I deserve real friends, real support, and to be full acquainted with a genuine love.  Self-care is the precursor to an unapologetic life and it’s beautiful here. 

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