Indulgence: the action or fact of indulging 
Guilt: (verb) make someone feel guilty; especially in order to induce them to do something. 

     To be in pursuit of yourself, to indulge in what lights your soul on fire is a spiritually enlightening place.  I want to always be free to be myself; while wrapped up in love, while a mom, while exploring the inner workings of my human shell.  I am free to do so, no matter who pangs with jealously.  I know so many beautifully souled women finding themselves, starting businesses, rediscovering the strength of their own unique light and it is so inspiring to witness.  You couldn't pay me to be jealous of another women because I genuinely love women. Our strength, light, fire, ability to overcome, and persevere.  It is encouraging and ignites the boss babe in me when I am around other self-aware, unapologetic women. 

     I refuse to encourage the negativity, hate, and anger in small-minded and bitter people.  It is so much easier to say but harder to do; hard not to question, not to engage, and not to explain.  However, what is the alternative?  Who do you truly lose?  What do you gain?  Nothing.  Let them talk, let them lie, let them try to take credit for your encounters with success - it makes them feel big in small conversations and you have mountains to climb.  Literally.  Self-love mountains.  Career mountains.  Genuine love Mountains.  Fulfillment, joy, and freedom - are all possible in this lifetime.  Without guilt chase after yourself, your light, your dreams, and your "why" - we need you here.  

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